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Welcome to Kantha Decor.

We are the home of beautiful, authentic cotton quilts and throws, hand block printed fabric, sourced ethically from passionate Indian artisans. We bring the beauty of Asian textiles from East to West, allowing you to take part in experiencing the simple luxuries that our ancestors have enjoyed for centuries.

 Our range features pieces which have been handcrafted in line with Kantha quilt custom, using traditional methods of hand-embroidery, block printing, and upcycling of preloved materials. The result is a stunning collection of handmade Kantha quilt throws, Indian quilt bedspreads and patchwork blankets in silk or 100% cotton.

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Can we tempt you with something exquisite?

Our range of traditional Indian throws and cotton Kantha quilts come in a vast variety of colours, while mandala tapestries and quilted cushion covers add interest to any room. For something truly unique, our vintage range of Kantha quilt throws are entirely one-of-a-kind and brimming with history.