Vintage Kantha Quilts Patterns

Your Home Decor Can Help to Save the Planet: Here's How

Vintage Kantha Quilts Patterns

The issue of waste created by our modern throwaway culture is making headline news, but do we really have to sacrifice all of the little luxuries in life in order to live more eco-consciously? 

With Kantha Decor, you can have the best of both worlds - satisfying your shopping needs while doing your part for the planet. 

The problem with fast fashion

The textile industry is the world’s second most polluting sector, lesser only than the oil industry. It’s never been more important to ask questions about what we’re buying and find ways to reuse the textiles which are already in circulation. 

The future of interiors and home decor lies in well-constructed, long-lasting furniture paired with sustainably sourced, interchangeable soft furnishings. In the Western world, there is a burgeoning rise of people who are creating eco-conscious textiles, from upcycling companies like Reformation, to crafts laboratory Bungaard Nielsen. But in the East, this is no new phenomenon; in fact, the upcycling of fabrics has been happening for centuries. 

Uncovering new beauty in preloved fabrics

Replacing garments on a regular basis is a modern trend, in our grandparents’ time everyone knew how to patch and repair. While we may be losing this skill, it is an art that hasn’t been lost in rural Indian villages.

For example, the Vintage Kantha Quilts you’ll find on our website were first made by our ancestors hundreds of years ago. The 100% cotton fabric which these quilts are made from are actually repurposed saris, traditional wraps in stunning colours which are no longer suitable for wear but are still brimming with beauty and personality. While in the West we’re inclined to throw away clothing that has been stained or torn, in India, the damaged area of fabric will simply be replaced and the garment then repurposed into one of these beautiful quilts. 

Reduce, reuse, recycle… restyle

With Vintage Kantha quilts available in every colour of the rainbow, and no two being the same, they’re ideal for using as a throw for added interest in your living room, a bedspread to brighten up a dull guest room, or simply as a blanket for keeping warm on summer evenings spent outdoors. And when the time comes to redecorate or restyle your room, simply replace your Kantha quilt for one in a more suitable colour or design. 

Vintage Quilts Pattrens


Due to their vintage nature, Kantha quilts don’t age the same way as other items in your home might. Instead, they gain additional character. Quilts which are no longer of use make great gifts or can be donated to those in need. 

So next time, instead of reaching for the low-cost, mass-produced soft furnishings that we’re all so used to relying on, consider choosing a lovingly handcrafted Vintage Kantha quilt, the eco-conscious option that doesn’t sacrifice on style.


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