Choosing a Kantha Quilt: Aftercare

Choosing a Kantha Quilt: Aftercare

One of the questions that we’re most often asked at Kantha Decor is “how do I care for my kantha quilt?” We understand the concern. You’re the new owner of a beautifully hand embroidered blanket and the last thing you want to do is have the thread pulled while in the washing machine. 

These blankets, particularly the vintage quilts which have been made from repurposed saris, were traditionally made not just for special occasions, but for gifting to family members too. With daily family life comes a fair share of spillages, so whether you have a sticky handed child or a careless mother-in-law, the chances are high that at some point your kantha cotton throw will need a wash. 

To keep your blanket in tip-top condition, here are our recommendations for kantha aftercare. 

Do Kantha Quilts Need To Be Dry Cleaned?

No. If you own a 100% cotton kantha blanket (all quilts on our website except the silk kanthas) you do not need to have it professionally dry cleaned. While this is an option that many customers choose to take for ultimate peace of mind, we find that the best method for cleaning is good old fashioned hand washing.

Washing Your Kantha Quilt By Hand

In India and Bangladesh, the kantha quilt would traditionally have been washed by hand. This is still the best option for cleaning your blanket in order to keep the risk of pulls to a minimum. Fill a bathtub with water which is cold to lukewarm (below 30℃/86℉) and use a mild detergent for best results.

How to Machine Wash a Kantha Quilt

We don’t recommend using a washing machine to clean your kantha quilt. However, if handwashing or dry cleaning are not valid options for you, there are a few things you can do to reduce the risk of damage. 

  • Use a handwash or delicate cycle
  • Set to a low temperature (below 30℃/86℉) 
  • Wash separately to avoid damage from other items

Caring For A Silk Kantha Quilt

Silk can be a fickle fabric to care for, and so cleaning a silk kantha quilt can fill some owners with dread. It needn’t be something you worry about though; our silk kantha blankets can be either hand washed or dry cleaned. 

To hand-wash, follow the instructions as per a cotton kantha, but take care when drying. Silk should not be wrung or twisted during the drying process. Instead, lay the blanket on towels, with further towels placed on top and slowly roll it up. This will draw moisture out of the blanket and into the towels.

Caring For An Indigo Kantha Quilt

To clean an indigo kantha quilt the main factor to take into account is that there may be some residual dye remaining in the fabric. For this reason, it is important to wash an indigo blanket separately from your other items. Hand washing is ideal for this and will allow you to drain and refill the tub until the water runs clear.


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